About us

Businesses succeed when the people running them don’t give up.

There’s no secret to success – there is just a lot of hard work. We give you the tools to get the most out of your people, your opportunities, and yourself. We don’t give up. We won’t let you give up.

ERP Implementation and Support

Implementing and running your business on an ERP platform is simultaneously the best and most dangerous thing you can attempt to do in your business. Choose a partner you can trust.

Microsoft Managed Services

Unlock the full potential of the Microsoft suite of business services.

Secure Productivity

Offices don’t have walls anymore, but your data still should. Threats are all around you and your remote employees. We can help you keep your business secure and your employees productive.

How we spend our time

Basileia Consulting Group was established 15 years ago to help other ERP software resellers and consultants with difficult implementations. We have built a reputation as the guys your software partner calls when things go sideways. Eight years ago we expanded our service offering to include the full suite of Microsoft business tools to better ensure successful adoption of ERP software company wide. We love this stuff, and can make it work like few others can. Let’s talk.


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