BCG Solution Determination Process (BRAMP) ©

1. Root Cause Analysis and Solution Envisioning
a. Identify Root issues affecting the business. All too often, businesses attempt to only fix the symptoms affecting the organization leaving the core problems of the business unaddressed. Identify stakeholders who will have internal ownership of the project. Envision and agree on viable solution(s) to each of the root issues identified in the process
2. Activate the Identified Stakeholders.
a. Internal Stakeholders of each of the organizational units that will be addressed with a potential solution play a critical role in project outcome. If standard operating procedures already exist, they need to be codified and the Stakeholders of the relevant organizational units must take ownership and drive the success of the project in that unit. Set the expectation and responsibilities for the Stakeholders and get sign-off form each.
3. Measure the standard of success.
a. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Here, we take a look at the identified solutions and quantify the measurement for business outcome success…both tangible and intangible benefits. Project budget is evaluated, or re-evaluated if it already exists, and established at this point.
4. Procure and produce.
a. Procure the identified technology that will be used to deliver the solution and produce the outcome previously defined.